Business Transformation and Change Management

The boards of most leading organisations will be considering or implementing change as part of their strategy for the next five years.  For some it may be moderate change to cope with the expectations of a natural increase in growth of their business, or for others there may be outside influences to which they either react or, better still, proactively manage the period of change.  But what should you look out for and how should you be prepared?

Customer and services
• Customers
• Services and products
• Distribution channels
• Making sure services are aligned with customer needs

Processes and organisation
• Design choices: customer service, efficiency, effectiveness
• Process: business capability model
• Organisational structure
• Decision making

Applications and information
• Optimise and align: services, people, process, customer
• Remove complexity
• Information systems
• Future proofing.

IT infrastructure and facilities
• Sourcing infrastructure
• IT capacity: storage, process, people
• Security, risks and standards
• Employee facilities