Change Assurance

When you are undertaking a change programme you will of course be best placed to set your objectives to define what you want the programme to achieve.  However, it then becomes  important for the business to be given independent assurance that the planned activities are not leaving gaps in requirements or expectations, design or delivery that will be addressed more efficiently if tackled early.

There are a number of facts that make up the Moore Stephens Change Assurance Framework which is used for managing business assurance and transformation programmes and for providing assurance when most relevant to the needs of each programme of work. 

 Each of the ‘Assurance Tools’ can be undertaken in isolation to provide individual project stage assurances or, alternatively, a complete programme can be managed using the techniques we have defined.  Either way our assurance framework has been designed to cut through the demands of complex change programmes in order to provide management with clear and incisive advisory based assurance service.

How can we help?

Our experience in delivering change programmes ensures that we have a team that understands the value of identifying and dealing with problems before they can be allowed to become serious issues.  Using the facets of the Change Assurance framework, we work alongside the Internal Audit function to understand the key drivers of the change programme, identify the main risk areas, and devise a plan to use these assessments to best effect.

With the plan in place, our team of subject matter experts use the assessments to drive out the necessary recommendations that can then be implemented by our clients or used to undertake more detailed deep dives into their business.

Each of our assessments are designed to work with the appropriate part of the project lifecycle.  If your project is already in flight then our reviews will provide assurance that you have considered and managed all the necessary risks.  If you are about to start your change programme then early collaboration on the plan will prove to be both an effective and an efficient way to provide confidence to the programme board.

What do we offer?

Our assurance is more than just giving you a “tick”.  It is underscored by proactive recommendations provided under a watching brief arrangement that help you to:

• Undertake effective audits and compliance checks at every stage of the project lifecycle

• Build awareness and understanding of the challenges associated with a change programme

• Reaffirm your original and founding raison d’etre for the programme of work

• Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes and systems

• Recognise and deal with “soft” issues that will ultimately impact upon the success of change programmes, namely, culture, people and behaviour

• Ensure effective governance is in place across all stakeholders

• Provide monitoring of progress during the project and of benefits realisation post-production

• Remain focused on the “end game” and whether over time the outcomes need adjusting

We will work with you as part of an integrated team to help support improvement and mitigate risks, and to provide retrospective assurance so that lessons learnt are identified, harnessed and utilised to drive future improvements.  The following sections outline how Moore Stephens can work with your organisation to be able to provide the best practice approach to your required assurance activities.

What are the benefits?

• Confidence in the planning and organisation required to meet the demands of a major change programme

• Access to subject matter experts who have a track record in delivery within change programmes

• Independent assessment of the structure, approach and operation to deliver your business objectives

• Critical evaluation against best practice and a thorough healthcheck of the change process