Programme Assurance/Governance Effectiveness

What is the Business Need?

Throughout the lifecycle every programme or project is vulnerable to changing risks and issues. These can come from within the business or be externally driven.

Whether there is a new development, transformation or change created by a programme or project, reliable and discerning assurance should be obtained to confirm everything is as it needs to be.

Each phase or stage of a programme or project brings new threats and opportunities.

How can Moore Stephens help you?

Robust and reliable assurance is a vital ingredient for success. Insightful timely and value adding assurance provided by Moore Stephens experts is designed to assist senior managers in achieving their project objectives within agreed timescales, budgets, quality parameters and scope.

Our experience in delivering change programmes ensures that we have a team that understands the value of identifying and dealing with problems before they can be allowed to become serious issues. Using the facets of the Change Assurance framework, we work alongside the Internal Audit function to understand the key drivers of the change programme, identify the main risk areas, and devise a plan to use these assessments to best effect.

With the plan in place, our team of subject matter experts use the assessments to drive out the necessary recommendations that can then be implemented by our clients or used to undertake more detailed deep dives into their business.

Each of our assessments are designed to work with the appropriate part of the project lifecycle.  If your project is already in flight then our reviews will provide assurance that you have considered and managed all the necessary risks.  If you are about to start your change programme then early collaboration on the plan will prove to be both an effective and an efficient way to provide confidence to the programme board.

 A global travel operator required independent advice and consultancy regarding inefficient project controls and management.

Stage 1 - Undertook gap analysis and review for programme which had overrun timescales, far exceeded budget, and had been significantly de-scoped.  Moore Stephens audited the programme; identified where controls and assurances had either been inadequate or failed completely; provide a report outlining 13 key recommendations

Stage 2 - Defined and designed updated controls and processes that would provide both immediate impact as well as set a for structure longer-term improvement; took responsibility for interim programme management; setup, implemented and monitored PMO; provided mentoring for project managers

Stage 3 - Provided improvement programme for estimation; resource and cost management; budget forecasting (Capex and Opex spend); operational acceptance process.

Assisted with definition of CRM Strategy and creation of a Single Customer View (SCV)