Cyber Security

What's the Business Need?

With IT playing such a critical role in most businesses, you must have confidence that your IT system is secure from both internal and external threats, and that confidential data is not exposed. Cyber-attacks can disrupt business plans, disrupt client relationships, damage reputations and become costly to rectify.

The risk of cyber-attack is growing exponentially as the opportunities presented by technology and improved systems connectivity grow. This threat to information security is an existential threat to many organisations.

Breaches in the confidentiality, integrity or availability of their data are significant, but the loss of customer or stakeholder trust in their service could be terminal.

How can Moore Stephens help you?

Moore Stephens offers a range of IT Consulting Services providing clients with access to a specialised group of professional resources experienced in a range of business and IT Programmes.

Our team can review identify risk, develop and deliver strategies to mediate the risk to cyber threats within your organisation. We can also support the development, implementation and operation of your information security programme.

Securing digital channels is a complex exercise, and one that draws on a range of governance, risk and assurance capabilities as well as in-depth technical and cyber security skills. Our cost effective services help you to:

Educate your senior management and employees on security threats and how to respond to these. Assure your process and technology, giving you independent and timely information on your state of information security compliance.
Architect your risk, policy, technology and standards environments to help you ensure your business operates according to your risk appetite. Manage your security operation, making sure you blend education, architecture and assurance in a way that is appropriate to your operation.
We recognise that every organisation is unique & therefore our data protection experts tailor our services appropriately to suit your business. Below demonstrates a range of services we can offer you as part of your bespoke service:

Cyber Security Healthcheck

Our experienced team can conduct health-checks of your key systems. Alternatively, for instant results, a healthcheck can be conducted via our cloud based  software solution.
Following a healthcheck, we can provide you with tailored recommendations and assistance to address the identified gaps in your Cyber Security.

Vulnerability Identification

Prevention software can be expensive and often fail to address the real issues  with your IT systems. By mirroring the actions of a would-be-hacker, we can probe your systems and find the vulnerabilities risking your business being exploited.

Incident Response Service

Knowing where to turn for help is critical in reducing the negative impact on your business when the inevitable happens.

We offer an incident response service to help you with that and provide a team on stand-by to help you get back on your feet and discover what went wrong.

Cyber Security Requirements for Regulated Industries

We understand that obtaining regulatory compliance can be a complex challenge, particularly when required to demonstrate your level of cyber security s. Our team can provide advice and support to help you navigate through the regulators requirements.


Staff awareness is key to a robust defence, but the challenge lies in training your staff, at all levels,  in advance of an attack.

We apply real world experience to cyber training, having dealt with many different types of attacks and breaches. We will train and advise your staff so they can make the right decisions.


Managing your Cyber Security

We understand that many organisations simply don’t have the resources to effectively manage their own cyber security. Our team, with years of experience can alleviate that burden and run your security for you, leaving you to focus on running your own business.